Webcam Dreams

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Thanks for coming this far!

We Dream of Nothing is an interactive story, hidden in a website which trawls social networks for dream conversations. Once inside, the audience uncovers the mystery of Dawn Greyson, Silas Street and ‘The Absence’ – a fractal monster that destroys any life it touches.

Your own actions, memories and dreams form an essential part of the story fabric that brings you, the participants, together with each other, with the creators and with the characters.

What Do You Need Then?

I’m making a pitch video to show some of the ways people might stumble across the project. What I need from you is…

A 20 second webcam video clip, played out as if as if you are about to make your first social media post of the day.

What’s My Motivation?

Its early. You’ve had a dream that for some reason you feel is worth throwing into the internet. This is your first online action of the day. Maybe you’re sat in bed, maybe you’re having your corn flakes or your first coffee at the office – whatever you like!

Not that kind of motivation – I mean What do I get In Return?!

Sorry – I misunderstood. You get my sincere thanks and free entry to the story experience when it goes live. You will each get a unique, one off access code getting you the whole thing for free and you will also get to be in there first. =)

No Examples?

I was going to show an example, but I really want to see what random stuff you send in – be playful :)

Any Guidelines?

In daylight please (it’s supposed to be ‘morning’ you see…)
It will be most convincing if you do it when you actually have just woken up.
Not more than 30 seconds of your awesomeness is required.
Wear glasses? A social media site in the reflection would be great!
A background that isn’t a blank wall is more interesting. Messy? Even better! 

What Happens to these Clips?

I’ll condense the clips into a 5 second quickfire sequence at the start of the pitch video and also make them into a video wall later in the edit. I’ll be using it on the Indiegogo crowdfunding page and anywhere else I can see to promote the project. I am hoping to get about 20 – so spread the word, strangers are very welcome but they need to understand how the footage will be used.

Okay, I’m up for it, How do I get the files to you?

Any format is fine.
Under 10meg can be emailed to
If over 10MB, lets exchange a dropbox link
or use a free service like

rise and shine

Thanks so much for your help!