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The lovely folk from @DigitalksChelt invited me to give a 15 minute overview of transmedia in their September meetup and I repost it in blog from here for those interested(!)

#digitalkschelt is my local geekup and organised by @lizziefenwick @emilyevelina @intranetfuture @solutionmania @jealousdesign & @jkale

The room was made up of digital professionals – but no-one who was familiar with the word, with the ‘transmedia’ word.

So that meant I had to offer a definition. Problematic at first because I want quite a lot out of my transmedia, but it ended up being a good way to bookend the talk. In between I gave some examples of cool story stuff and some familiar transmedia ARG projects.

I began by with a general definition of my own and referenced google to find others


I mumble on that Story is appreciated differently depending on where your head is. Fiction writers, journalists, documentary makers, franchisers and people have taken the above input and produced different outputs.



Draws breath: Although each of these things are interesting they are not what we are talking about. You will however, sometimes see transmedia cited where you see these words…

Convergence is about stuff going into one box, transmedia is the opposite of that – moving you from one physical or virtual place to another. This causes problems of friction, but also offers opportunities in the ‘gaps’….

Dual Screening is tweeting while watching the X Factor. That’s just anything now. If you hear transmedia being used with that behaviour that’s, well, bollocks.

Multiplatform – debatable, but for this talk I used it to reference the difference between transmedia and just having the same content duplicated on/in different platforms. Also a quick touch on transmedia franchising as another topic for another time.

Interactive – I save that for the end of the talk. It is gonna be my smartarse punchline.
Did you scroll down?

I also mention Eddie Izzard (despite being Awesome) is not directly connected.

(sorry – lost where I got the pic from)

Then at last I get to talk about some projects. I say what I like about them and how when you combine some of the cool things they do you can make some very groovy stuf. I’ve linked to the projects instead of the screengrabs here so you can get more detail.


Jack The Twitter by Marcus H Brown

Builds online character and gives him life with full profiles in various social sites. And he stalks you if you are lucky. Check out the slideshow – its my new favourite.

The Malcolm Tucker App
Alison Fielding @alysonf – writer. Henry Cooke @prehensile – developer.
Love how the device is complicit with the story. Forgot to say how important the close working relationship between the writer and the developer is with all this stuff.
Get an angry fictional character shouting at you.


Extending the Story

Marketing campaign for Game of Thrones from Campfire NYC. Gives away food from the world and sends mystery packages to bloggers, one of whom, J C Hutchins (who you should check out) did an unboxing video.

Recent Non-Fiction Example

The Code. BBC and Six to Start. Treasure hunts and clue solving with an IRL prize.

Novel Experiences

Cathy’s Book. Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, Cathy Brigg

Two Blue Wolves & Nightwork – Sparrow Hall


And when you put these ideas together you can get stuff like this

I point out the real guy, totally in character talking to a real reporter about his real-fictional experience.

Next I talk about Tim Kring as a guy who wants to change the world and that he managed to get money to make real things happen from a made up story.


The End

To close up I mutter about the original intentions of transmedia and how its is being ‘claimed’ in different ways, and that what it ‘is’ is an ongoing discussion, and a great place to find and make cool story stuff.


Finally – my ‘point’.

I come back to Interactive. I say interactive is click, do, next, open… – all along a predetermined structure. I say that the best transmedia is not ‘just’ interactive, but actually unfinished without the audience.

A few links for other ways in.

Transmedia for Good Network.

Web’s free book
Deus Ex Machinatio

Transmedia Meetup Cardiff / London
Everwake event 30th Sept & Streetgames day after
Power to the Pixel

After something more specific?


So that’s it. Job done, surface barely scratched.

They cheer and give me a standing ovation. Angels appear and lift me to the heavens.

Thanks @digitalkschelt