Nora’s Dream

I find I have to start with a concept, even in a character driven piece.

Write something [enjoyable] driven purely by anti hero characters,
where almost everyone and everything we perceive is of little value.

I hold that the result is a wry and dark top notch, character based short film script.

Am happy to show it to anyone who is interested, just drop me a line.

The story goes like this

Dennis, a self employed man nearing retirement gets bad results from his financial adviser, Margaret. Her callous manner in delivering the news sets Dennis on a path of revenge and he eventually arrives face to face with her needy dog holding a machete and a pork pie stuffed with ant poison.

So that was my original plan. Working now on making this into a transmedia story, precisely because the story is not common fodder and I’m really interested to see what engagement it can produce.

More soon on this…..