Immersive Writing Lab

Immersive Writing Lab

Take a look at the Immersive Writing Lab, 20th – 21st August 2011. It looks to me like the first UK event of its kind, priced reasonably enough for writers to attend. I really want to go but can’t make the dates. The speakers look great, including Julian McCrea who, as well as being the event organiser is already time-served in multiplatform entertainment and heads his London based company Portal Entertainment

I’m telling you right now that if you are a writer and you are interested in this stuff, you are unlikely to get a better introduction from better people. Book yourself in NOW – the price is ridiculous.

Here below, a quick email interview with Julian

I know a hardcore of writers who think this multi-platform / interactive / transmedia / collaborative / social lark is somewhere between ‘overrated’ and ‘fundamentally flawed’. If I bundle them up on train and get them there what kind of things will they hear to turn them around?

The event is about developing and widening the creative palette of writers of tomorrow. At it’s heart, a story still needs to be told to an audience – we are not here to change the way storytelling is – that is impossible. All that has changed is that the number of platforms in which you tell that story to the audience.

A great post on people misunderstanding a story and the ways you tell it is this one by Mike Jones:

So to this point we have designed the event as a starting point for writers – there is an event on the Saturday acting more as a widening of the palette; the Sunday is a creative workshop designed with BBC Writers Room. We are also launching a competition that the winner will get 6k development to make their storyworld.

If we want to create the stories of the digital age, we need to give the writers the opportunity to write them and make them. This is what this event is trying to do.

Can you say a bit more about the competition – and do people have to attend the event to enter?

Nope they don’t. The event will help them start on that journey – we are really focusing on story at the event and in the competition entries, so the event will help that.

We will be running the competition for around three months and running through each section of a storyworld and providing feedback. Let’s be honest, it is not easy to come up with a compelling storyworld. So we are trying to give all the help we can. At the end Sarah Clay, the Multiplatform Exec Producer will give direct feedback for the top 5.

A lot of these events are priced for agencies and broadcaster. Its always a major decision to attend, especially if coming form outside London. I see you’re addressing that…

I think I have answered this above, but this event is for writers. Without good writing, we will only ever be polishing a turd, excuse my french. However you see at the moment the universities, the transmedia snakes, and producers selling markets are not developing the writers – this event, the forthcoming competition and masterclasses will change that.


So I suggest you get yourself there. Speaking are…

Matt Locke
J C Hutchins
Marcus Brown
David Varela
Paul Ashton
Julian McCrea
Paul Rissen