A transmedia education question

This tweet came after a short conversation on twitter

sparrowhall Sparrow Hall
@poburke @simon_staffans @simonpulman @EmmyTheBeth Where should #transmedia be plugged into college curriculum to see greatest impact?

Rather than post five sequential tweets to fit this in: If I ran a college course that taught any subject I might say something like this on day one…

Idealist Alert

You are all from different places, you all know and can do different things, you all know different people outside of this room, but you all share that you are here to learn about [subject]. Learn about each other, combine your skills and produce your work transmedially for vastly increased depth of knowledge, understanding, wealth, entertainment and satisfaction.


Flippancy Warning

You’ve got guns, I’ve got horses, lets join forces.

Point being – do it as default from the day you start and it will increase the volume of people working in a global culture of collaboration, shared knowledge, interactivity, feedback and conversation. I think Teachers only need know a transmedia simple definition to get started and students will take it from there….