Mar 2015 31


Dan is based in Bristol and works with all the genres. I built his new site using bootstrap – which was interesting. I’m in two minds as to whether I would use it again. It seemed perfect for 90% of the process but those final tweaks at the end felt like they took a long time to get right.

It’s got a great slider too and I particularly like the desktop version of this site.

Oct 2014 30

For the Drive Channel on Youtube. Edited 3 versions from supplied footage.  This teaser above, a technical film about the engine and a 20 minute feature on the car – you need to subscribe to their channel to see the whole thing.

Jul 2014 07

Terry Worgan tells a good story.

I’ve been working with the branding of FATBATS since they first started and have had the pleasure of developing the style of the bats and website. Terry, the batmaker is a great guy and I went to see him to produce a short portrait video.


Me and Cricket? from Paul Burke on Vimeo.

May 2014 01

I was asked by Harlequin Mills and Boon to produce a trailer for their 40 episode interactive webseries – The Chatsfield. I was given all the episodes, some extra footage, logos and titles. The series has been a great success and at last check the trailer had over 30k views.


Check out the books of the series and youtube channel for ‘The Loedown” webseries

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